Mutual Funds

We are a company committed to growing wealth for clients, who entrust their assets to our care. Our mutual fund is managed by professionals and provides a steady stream of income with competitive returns for our investors.

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Are you looking for a safe, affordable, and convenient way to invest and earn consistent returns? You should consider the Cordros Money Market Fund. 

The Cordros Money Market Fund is an open-ended mutual fund. This means that you can invest and make redemptions at will.

The Cordros Halal Fixed Income Fund is a Faith-Based Investment that is ideal for ethically-minded investors. 

The Fund seeks to provide investors with a low-risk investment with stable and competitive returns by investing in Shariah-compliant fixed income securities and investment products.

If you are looking for a safe, affordable and convenient way to invest and enjoy the benefits of more diversification in managing your portfolio risk, consider the Cordros Fixed Income Fund.

You can start investing with as low as N2,500.

The Cordros Dollar Fund is an actively managed open-ended unit trust scheme whose main objective is to achieve capital appreciation in the medium to long term for Investors with USD. The fund invests in US Dollar-denominated securities like Sovereign Eurobonds, Corporate Eurobonds, Money Market instruments and other quoted Corporate Eurobonds.

The Cordros Milestone Fund (A Balanced Fund) is an actively managed unit trust scheme that seeks to strategically allocate investments in assets such as equities, bonds (including government, sovereign, and investment-grade corporate bonds), and high-quality money market securities.

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