Cordros TradeButton .

You can trade on Nigerian Stocks all by yourself. Cordros TradeButton is a virtual trading platform that allows you execute trades wherever you are in the world and on any internet-enabled device.

When you trade with Cordros TradeButton you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Independent Trading
    Take full control of your trades and eliminate delays from traders. Buy and sell Nigerian stocks all by yourself.
  • Trade Calculator
    Enjoy error free transaction with our automated trade calculator. You can calculate how much a trade is going to profit you by simply entering the necessary parameters.
  • Convenience
    You can trade from anywhere in the world and at your convenience. Just log in to TradeButton and buy and sell at lightning speed execution time.
  • Real-Time Portfolio Valuation
    Make timely decisions with real time update of your portfolio. Check how your portfolio values at every point in time with Cordros TradeButton.
  • Easy Deposit and Payments
    Utilize our various payment options to fund your trading wallet or wake quick withdrawals from your transaction proceeds.
  • Expert Stock Watch list
    Never miss key information on your stock of interest by using our robust stock watch list. We can’t wait to have you try it out.
  • Transparency
    Get instant notifications on trade orders and cancellations. You will always be the first to know what’s going on in your portfolio.
  • Market Insights
    Do you need insightful research reports, stock picks and market updates? Open a TradeButton account now.
  • Ease of use
    The portal is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We have also created a ‘how to’ video to ensure your on-boarding is seamless.

To start using Cordros TradeButton you’ll need the following .


Duly completed Cordros Account opening Forms


Passport Photograph


Valid Means of Identification


Recent Utility Bill


Minimum Investment of N50,000

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