Insurance Brokerage .

We identify individual/business risks while providing expert advice on insurance and making claims. Being specialists in risk management and insurance, we ensure that risk exposure is properly managed and the loss or damage to an insured interest is adequately covered.

Why choose Cordros Insurance Brokers?

  • We do the Tough Work
    We negotiate all the terms with insurance firms to acquire the premium insurance covers you never even knew exists. We advise, guide, and help make those tasking policy claims on your behalf.
  • Prompt Processing of Claims
    With a superb working relationship with Underwriters, we ensure that claims are processed promptly while saving our clients any headache.
  • We Optimise Insurance Expense
    We help our clients get the best deals possible by bundling relevant insurance policies in such a way that it saves them a lot of stress and delivers optimal insurance cover.
  • We simplify the Process
    At Cordros insurance, we simply the technical jargon, sift through the complicated insurance policies and guide you through the very many options for choosing the right policy.

Insurance Brokerage Offerings .

Motor insurance .

Get all kinds of automobile insurance cover. We offer this service to individuals, businesses and third parties. If you own an automobile, with the right motor insurance claim, we can ensure you never have to worry about whatsoever damage.

Protect what you love.

All-risk Insurance .

If you were to lose your insured item within or outside premises, the all-risk insurance policy covers you and/or your business against the risks incurred from the physical loss or damage of the property.

Household Insurance .

Household comprehensive insurance .

In the case of loss or damage to your building or its content as a result of fire, special perils or theft, the household comprehensive insurance plan will cover full compensation. Additional benefits such as cost of alternative accommodation, loss of rental income on an insured building, medical expense and death of the Insured due to fire or action of thieves is also covered under this plan.

Burglary Insurance .

In cases where there is an event of a burglary in an insured property (home or office), the burglary insurance plan will cover the damage and loss.

Electronic Equipment Insurance .

In the event of unforeseen physical damage to electronics such as computers, medical, radio, communication and/or telex equipment, the electronic equipment insurance will cover the full risks and costs of the material damage.

Money Insurance .

If your business requires you to move large amount of cash, you are exposed to the risk of loss while in transit and/or within personal custody. With the Money Insurance policy, you can protect your cash and save yourself the worry of dealing with the painful reality if loss happens.

Personal and Group Accident .

With a personal group and accident insurance, bodily injury as a result of an accidental or a violent means, death or disablement; medical expenses in line with the policy will be covered.

Life Insurance .

As we go about our daily activities and businesses, our lives are exposed to different types of risks. A life insurance cover ensures that your loved ones are taken care of when the unexpected happens.

  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Travel Insurance .

Goods in Transit .

In the case of loss or damage to insured goods while in transit as a result of a fire, collision, or theft, the goods in transit insurance plan covers the unfavourable outcome of the loss.

Travellers Insurance .

Protect yourself and your loved ones against accidents that could occur while in transit and leading to loss of luggage, bodily injury or death. Get these losses and your medical expenses fully covered with the Travellers Insurance plan.

Professional Indemnity .

Professional Indemnity insurance will cover for the repercussions of negligent acts and advice which are in most cases, irreparable for professionals in the field law, medicine, brokering etc.

Fire and Special Perils .

Loss or damage to property due to fire, lightning and explosion; and loss arising from natural perils such as flood, storm, tempest, earthquake, and the likes are covered when you opt for the fire and special perils insurance

Fire and Consequential Loss Insurance .

This insurance plan will cover loss as a result of material damage to the Insured property such as buildings, contents, plant and machinery, etc. You can recover and begin again with the fire and consequential loss insurance.

Plant All-risk Insurance .

This policy covers plants and all associated machinery loss or damage due to unexpected circumstances. This insurance plan will cover costs incurred excluding all machinery breakdown losses.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance .

This policy is designed to cover all types of boiler and pressure vessels against the risk of accidental loss or damage due to unforeseeable circumstances and events.

Machinery Breakdown .

The Machinery Breakdown policy covers unforeseen and sudden damage and/or breakdown of machinery and mechanical equipment.

Consequential Loss on Machinery Breakdown .

The policy covers loss arising from business interruption due to machinery breakdown or the loss or profit as a result of a machinery breakdown. The plan covers loss of profit, unpaid salary/wages, auditor fees and debris removal which will help your business maintain its normal activity after a loss.

Marine Cargo and Hull Insurance .

Marine Hull Insurance .

Our policy covers the loss or physical damage to all types of insured marine vessels (hull, machinery, etc.) incurred from fire and explosion, perils of the seas, rivers, etc. With the Marine Hull Insurance, you can mitigate the risks involved in your marine business.

Marine Cargo Insurance .

With the Marine Cargo Insurance, unforeseen and severe loss on the high sea and other unfortunate circumstances such as theft will be fully covered and all risks incurred salvaged.

Miscellaneous Business .

Public Liability Insurance .

This covers an insured business from the liabilities incurred due to death, bodily injury or damage to a third party’s property. We can assist you to mitigate your public liability risks with the public liability insurance plan.

Contractors All-risk Insurance (CAR) .

This covers all building and/or civil engineering projects, including the contract materials and tools. In the event of loss or damage during the construction period, and should there be third-party injury liabilities, the contractors’ all-risk insurance will cover all associated risks.

Aviation Insurance .

There are so many risks involved in the aviation sector, especially with aircraft operations. This insurance plan covers losses and third-party liabilities that arise from the overall use of an insured aircraft. It doesn’t matter if you are a company, private owner or a flying club; under the policy, you are secured.


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