Service Suite .

Equities Trading .

We provide best-in-class trade execution services both in equity (shares) and fixed income markets.
We have garnered vast experience in securities trading and leveraging on technology in closing deals on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), on NASD OTC Exchange, as well as FMDQ OTC Exchange.

As a leading brokerage firm and one of the supplemental market-makers licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), our market-making desk provides liquidity and corrects imbalances and mispricing in the market.

NASD OTC Exchange .

Cordros Securities promotes and participates in the primary and secondary trading and dealings of equities of unquoted public companies and other asset classes.

FMDQ OTC Exchange .

Cordros Securities is authorised as an Associate Broker and offers brokerage services between Dealing Members and Clients on the FMDQ OTC Exchange. We are also a licensed Dealing Member (Specialist) to trade FMDQ fixed income products (FGN Bonds and Treasury Bills) thereby generating and sustaining liquidity for the markets.

Fixed Income Trading .

We render bespoke fixed income trading services which include trading and brokerage on FGN Bonds, treasury bills, State and Corporate Bonds, etc. on behalf of our clients to help impact their short, medium and long term strategic goals.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of the Fixed Income market. Our access to a wide range of potential investors helps us to offer debt finance solutions to our retail, HNI and institutional clients.

Cordros TradeButton .

You can trade on Nigerian Stocks all by yourself. Cordros TradeButton is a virtual trading platform that allows you execute trades wherever you are in the world and on any internet-enabled device.

Cordros Chase .

Are you an investor and can no longer trace some of the shares you bought in the past? Are you unable to unlock the value of shares belonging to a deceased relative? You need to sign up to Cordros Chase to recover these shares and all the dividends they may have accrued over the years.

Cordros DMA .

Our Direct Market Access is designed to grant trading entrance through our FIX/NET Protocol for institutional clients via Bloomberg, Reuters and IRESS.

Want to sign up for Cordros DMA?

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