We deliver best-in-class advisory services to clients seeking Corporate restructuring to turnaround their businesses. If you are in need of increasing your company’s value to shareholders or creditors by way of financial restructuring or operational restructuring, you should be speaking with our experts. We will help you actualise your desire to improve the capital structure and economic viability of your business.

In most turnarounds and bankruptcy situations, both financial and operational restructuring must occur simultaneously to save the business.

We have proven track record in helping businesses turnaround from bankruptcy situations with the following models:

  • ●  Securing asset-based loans (accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment)

  • ●  Securing mezzanine and subordinated debt financing

  • ●  Securing institutional private placements of equity

  • ●  Achieving strategic partnering

  • ●  Identifying potential merger candidates

  • ●  Strategic divestment