Service Suite .

End-to-end Register Maintenance .

Our core competence is Register maintenance of members of quoted and unquoted companies, including Mutual Funds, Bond registers and Private placements.

With our robust IT platform, investors, both in Nigeria and in diaspora can make enquiries and manage their Investments using our mobile app on the go. We also ensure that all physical enquiries/request from investors are treated within 24 hours.

Based on our good relationship with the NSE, CSCS, FMDQ, and NASD, we ensure that your Company’s register of members, Bondholders, and Mutual Fund unit holders are up to date at all times.

Upon appointment as your Registrar, we shall match the names in current register with all existing shareholders in our database to establish a linkage. This will enable us pull relevant information like telephone number, e-mail address, bank details, etc. to update the register. We also engage with other market operators to ensure 98% data update for all shareholders’ records.

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Register Take-on/Set Up .

Among others, we deliver the following professional services:

  • Receive letter of engagement
  • Collect physical and electronic data/record
  • Sorting and classification of data
  • Electronic and physical archiving
  • Register set up

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Corporate Action Processing .

We process various types of corporate actions such as Public Offers, Rights Issue, Bond Issue, Private Placement, Debentures, dividend payment, etc. These offers are well mapped out in phases and carefully executed for a seamless progression driven with technology. This service is also available on a one-off basis to firms who may not want to keep a Registrar on a retainership.

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Expert Advisory Services .

Beyond being your registrar, we provide expert advisory services, while connecting your business to the right solutions as far as accessing the Capital Market is concerned.

  • We provide pre-listing and pre-offer advisory services on regulatory requirements and engagements, Client depository records and e-crediting.
  • Provide support during Offer and Post-offer periods
  • We create General Meeting procedural manual and other necessary guides.
  • Carry out site visitation, pre-general meeting planning
  • Shareholders engagement and proxy solicitation.
  • E-voting service and collation of poll result
  • Reporting and filings to relevant authorities and post meeting evaluation

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AGM Management .

We offer end-to-end and technology-driven general meeting management services, including:

  • Personalized client management services to support regulatory compliance
  • Free advisory on meeting venue and set up.
  • Electronic notification to Shareholders on client’s activities via our digital platform.
  • Cost efficient platform for the distribution of notice of meetings and dispatch of annual reports.
  • Meeting accreditation management.
  • Administration of polls and e-voting.
  • Engage with institutional investors, shareholder associations and Proxy solicitation on behalf of clients.

This service is also available on a one-off basis to firms who may not want to keep a Registrar on a retainership.

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Client Engagement .

Exceptional communication and client relationship management is at the heart of our business. Our clients enjoy the following offerings from sign-on.

  • Assignment of key account manager to every Client.
  • Client online access to its records with key metrics and analytics.
  • Providing pre-listing and pre-offer advisory services on regulatory requirements and engagements

Customer Support Services .

We Interact with investors via various channels, depending on their preference.

  • Inbound and outbound calls.
  • Inbound and outbound emails.
  • Access to all our online channels, including live web content and chats, social media, online feedback forms, and physical letters.
  • Offline walk-in services for clients who prefer to visit any of our offices.

Contact Centre In-sourcing .

We offer a broad range of services while we set up and manage your contact centre services. Our services include:

  • Day-to-day general and personalized customer engagement either to follow up, inform or receive feedback for our Clients.
  • Provision of metrics and analytics on customers engagement to generate insights for decision making
  • Cost efficient platform in which clients focus on their core business
  • Engagements via various channels – inbound and outbound calls, emailing, live web chat, social media etc.
  • Data security, privacy and confidentiality

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Back Office Process Management .

We take care of the headache of managing your routine back office processes while you focus on your core functions and developing new businesses. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Cost efficient documentation review management
  • Technology-driven documents imaging process.
  • Prompt reporting and document filings.
  • Safe and secure document digitization

Data Processing In-sourcing .

Data process can be tasking, and yet critical to the smooth running of your business and delivery of the satisfaction you promise your clients. Let’s help you navigate this hasle with the following service:

  • Efficient and reliable data entry systems
  • Data extraction with metrics and analytics to aid client’s vital and strategic decision.
  • Data mining and collation services


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