About Cordros

We are committed to your growth.

We are a leading Financial Services company, licensed as Brokers/Issuing House and Fund/Portfolio Managers by The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Nigerian Stock Exchange EQUITIES:

We work with a diversified clientele, consisting of private clients, small businesses, financial institutions and corporations, and governments. Building relationships is at the core of our growth philosophy.

The use of the nautilus shell—with its continuous growth pattern—is a visual symbol of this philosophy. Not only does it reflect the real-life application of the golden ratio* but it is relevant to the safe harbouring of management and finances.

While every nautilus shell is identifiable by its miraculous spiral, each one is different. It is with this in mind that we create solutions that are relevant and add value to the specific needs and goals of each one of our clients.

Our Businesses.

Cordros Limited offers the following services:

Asset Management

We provide a spectrum of wealth management solution designed to help our clients acquire wealth and grow it, use and enjoy it, protect and pass it on.

Investment Banking

We provide comprehensive financial advisory services to corporate, financial institutions and governments.

We provide comprehensive financial advisory services to corporate, financial institutions and governments.

Securities Trading

We expertly execute deals on behalf of clients on the floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, FMDQ OTC Exchange, NASD OTC Exchange in equities, fixed income and unquoted securities.

We understand the importance of transferring your wealth to the next generation and exert our expertise in securing family assets under a common trust by establishing proper governance and administrative structures for the management of your family assets.

* The golden ratio,

Symbolized by the Greek letter phi, is a special number approximately equal to 1,618. It often appears in geometry, art, architecture and nature and is considered to be one of the most pleasing and beautiful shapes. (We find the golden ratio when we divide a line into two parts so that the whole length divided by the long part is also equal to the long part divided by the short part).