Capital Raising.

  1. Our Investment Bankers are skilled in Capital Raising. We assist big corporations, SMEs and emerging growth companies in accessing the private and public capital markets for equity and debt financing by way of IPOs, Rights Issue and/or Corporate Bonds. Over the years, these markets have grown to encompass thousands of capital providers of varying quality and reputation. Growing SME companies have numerous options to consider when evaluating how to grow their businesses. Two of the most important are finding value-adding partners to invest in the company and executing a transaction at the appropriate valuation.

    We represent clients in raising capital from institutional investors. The types of capital raising transactions we look for include venture capital for emerging growth companies, growth capital for more established companies, and leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations for growth-oriented companies with strong cash flows.

    In arranging a capital raising transaction, we assist our clients by:

    • ●  Determining the amount and type of capital to be raised

    • ●  Establishing an initial valuation range

    • ●  Establishing proposed terms of the financing

    • ●  Providing underwriting comfort

    • ●  Preparing the offering memorandum, prospectus and detailed financial model

    • ●  Utilizing our extensive network to contact private capital sources

    • ●  Negotiating final terms of the financing