Trustee to Collective Investment Schemes.

We act as Trustee to Unit Trust Schemes and Managed Funds, to achieve regulatory compliance, and for investor protection. We work with the Fund Managers’ to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus, and relevant regulations. We also act on behalf of Unitholders and keep custody of scheme assets.


  • Monitor the activities of the fund manager, and render advice where needed.
  • Maintain custody of funds and documents relating to the investments by the scheme or fund.
  • Monitor and maintain (independent of the Registrar) of the register of unitholders or contributors.
  • Ascertain the profitability rationale for investment decision-making of the fund manager.
  • Ascertain compliance with the provisions of the Trustee Investments Act 1962, the Investments and Securities Act 1999, and the Trust Deed by the Fund Managers.
  • Ascertain that monthly and other periodic returns/reports relating to the scheme or fund are sent by the Fund Managers to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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