Trustee to Housing Scheme.

In the light of the fact that Mass Housing Schemes are designed to be medium to long-term projects (from the financing perspective) during which time any number of variables may significantly change (such as Governments and government policies) and given the share volume of stakeholders involved, We ensure the best interest of stakeholders in mass housing schemes by setting up and managing a trust structure that secures and protects the interests of all parties (financiers, government, allottees, contractors, etc.).


  • Hold title to the assets for the benefit of all parties.
  • Ensure the drafting and perfection of relevant legal documentation.
  • Monitor the performance of the various parties to the transaction.
  • Ensure that integrity and transparency is maintained throughout the transaction to make certain that the interest of the various parties are protected.
  • Ensure due title is transferred to allottees on agreed terms.
  • Carry out general administration of the allottees.

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