Trustee-Employee Benefit Scheme.

Employee Benefit Schemes such as staff share schemes are arrangements designed to align employee and company interests. This is typically constituted to serve as an incentive scheme for employees and to encourage employee loyalty in the long-term.


  • Depending on the specific needs of the company, we advise on the appropriate structure and framework for the Scheme.
  • Holding title to the Assets (shares and investments) and overseeing grant & vesting cycles in accordance with the agreed ratio.
  • Drawing up the scheme rules to define the terms of the scheme and serve as a reference point for both the trustees and beneficiaries of the scheme.
  • Management and administration of Scheme members and assets on an ongoing basis.
  • Support the company with ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and requirements for the operation of the Scheme.
  • Communicating details of the allotment of the “scheme shares” to members of the Scheme based on the agreed criteria for scheme participation.
  • Providing information to the Company for dissemination to its employees to create awareness on the benefits of the Scheme.
  • Providing periodic reports to the Company and Scheme members showing size & value of assets held (number of shares held under the Scheme as well as bonuses/dividends received during the year, for instance).

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