Estate Planning.

We help you plan for incapacity as well as reduce or eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a will or estate. We maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

Wills and Executorship Service

Our team of professionals are on hand to draft your Last Will and Testament in line with your express wishes. We also provide families with the opportunity to enlist our services in procuring Letters of Administration on their behalf and acting as Executors.

Living Trust

We understand your need to ensure proper management of assets and smooth transfer to the chosen beneficiaries in your lifetime. Our team of experts will assist in the administration and proper direction for the transfer of these assets to the designated beneficiaries.

Why you need a Living Trust.

  • There is an undeniable need to protect your assets and the beneficiaries. With a living trust, you can do ensure a smooth transition of wealth.
  • A Living trust provides you with the privacy that a will might not guarantee.
  • You have the opportunity to name a settlor to be responsible for the administration and transfer of named assets to chosen beneficiaries.
  • Adequate tax management.

Features of a Living Trust

  • Ability to test-run your Trust now that you are alive.
  • Flexible to amend; add or subtract items.
  • Appointment of a Protector or Guardian.
  • Highly Private and Confidential
  • Administered by a Trust Deed.
  • Assets become that of The Trust and managed separately in safe instruments approved by the Settlor.

Blind Trust

We independently administer the private business interests of a person in public office to prevent conflict of interest.

Features of a Blind Trust:

  • Utmost privacy and discretion (unique name of Trust)
  • Investments are in safe instruments
  • Trustees have full discretion
  • Administered by a Trust Deed

Foundations and Endowments

We take on various services for Foundations, Endowments and Charities, generally in respect of registration, administration and management, on-going advice on regulatory issues, and rendering of periodic reports.

We help to generate public awareness and boost public confidence in Foundations and Endowments.

Some of our specific roles as Trustees / Managers include:

  • Set-up and legal documentation
  • Educating the public on the activities of the Foundation/Endowment
  • Cash management & investment services
  • Supervising management & accounting processes
  • Acting as Collection Agents
  • Acting as Paying Agents, thereby serving a direct link to beneficiaries and projects
  • Structuring an enduring Foundation/Endowment Fund Structure
  • Investment Policy Formulation & Implementation
  • Setting up Operational Procedures/Standards
  • Ensuring that selected Investments achieve the key requirements for the success of the Foundations/Endowments, such as adequate funding to meet set objectives, preservation of principal, preservation of real value with good inflation-adjusted returns and maintenance of liquidity.

Offshore Trusts

We assist clients who seek to acquire assets in a separate jurisdiction, or clients looking to purchase properties in a different country separate from their current residence.

Features of the Offshore Trust

  • Protector of separate Trustee in a different jurisdiction
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Tax benefits
  • Administered by a Trust Deed
  • A Living Trust and Blind Trust can have an Offshore Trust Element.

Diaspora Trust

The Cordros Diaspora Trust is designed to help Nigerians in the diaspora set-up and manage investments back home. It is a service aimed at ensuring that the fear often experienced by Nigerians in the diaspora, who want a reliable ‘Eye’ in Nigeria over their projects, investments or plans, are eliminated. These responsibilities will be transferred to professionals—Cordros Trustees Limited—which will protect the interests of the clients, and ensure that all objectives are achieved.

Features of the Diaspora Trust

  • Diaspora Personal Investment Trust
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Management and Administration
  • Perfection of Titles
  • Philanthropy

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