Escrow Agency Services.

We provide best-in-class escrow and collateral services to secure all categories of assets. We offer flexible, bespoke solution to ensure speedy transaction closure for either typical or complex deals while keeping a close watch on counterparty risk. We are guaranteed to safeguard your funds/assets and undertake distribution in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.


  • Maintain the accounts, including tracking the receipt and investment of funds
  • Report on payments made to parties to the transaction
  • Execute investment instructions in various currencies
  • Set up segregated accounts to achieve specific accounting or legal requirements
  • Administer any combination of onshore, offshore and cross-border transactions
  • Promptly revert on review and execution of documentation

Our Escrow and Ancillary roles:

  • Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) Escrow Agent
  • Security Agent or Trustee
  • Collateral Agent or Trustee
  • Disbursement Agent
  • Project Finance Escrow Agent
  • Indemnification Escrow Agent
  • Subscription Escrow Agent

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