Cordros Registrars Limited is a subsidiary of Cordros Capital Limited, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and registered with the Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR).

End-to-end Register Maintenance

Our core competence is Register maintenance of members of quoted and unquoted companies, including Mutual Funds, Bond registers and Private placements.

Register Take-on/Set Up

Looking to migrate your company register to a top-class Registrar?

Corporate Action Processing

We process various types of corporate actions such as Public Offers, Rights Issue, Bond Issue, Private Placement, Debentures, dividend payment, etc.

Expert Advisory Services

Beyond being your registrar, we provide expert advisory services, while connecting your business to the right solutions as far as accessing the Capital Market is concerned.

AGM Management

We offer end-to-end and technology-driven general meeting management services

Client Engagement

Exceptional communication and client relationship management is at the heart of our business.

Customer Support Services

We Interact with investors via various channels, depending on their preference.

Contact Centre In-sourcing

We offer a broad range of services while we set up and manage your contact centre services.

Back Office Process Management

We take care of the headache of managing your routine back office processes while you focus on your core functions and developing new businesses.

Data Processing In-sourcing

Data processing can be tasking, and yet critical to the smooth running of your business and delivery of the satisfaction you promise your clients.


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