Cordros Announce The Launch Of New Portal, Cordros Cape

We are pleased to announce that Cordros Porfoliolive and Tradebutton have been enhanced to create a new web portal, Cordros CAPE. 

The new portal comes with some very cool changes. These changes are designed to help you take more control of your financial goals, carry out all your transactions, and monitor your investments on the go. The portal is fast, user-friendly, and secure to execute all your financial investment tasks. 

Here are some of the exciting features of Cordros CAPE:

Your Portfolio in One Place

Cordros CAPE offers you an improved single dashboard to view your entire portfolio and the net worth of your investment. You only need a single login to access all your stocks and mutual fund investments with Cordros.

Securities Trading

Buy and sell Nigerian stocks on the go just as you used to have it on Tradebutton. Now, with a more user-friendly interface, Cordros CAPE provides you with research reports and expert insights from our analysts to guide you through your buy and sell decisions.

Invest in Mutual Funds

You can manage your mutual fund investments by buying new units, redeeming from your current units, and monitoring the performance of the Funds.

Easy Withdrawal

The new portal allows you to withdraw proceeds from your investments in quick and easy steps. You can also choose to withdraw to your wallet or your designated bank account after selling your stocks, redeeming units of your Mutual Fund. 

View Transactions

You can view your respective transaction history by simply entering the date range. You can run logs for stocks trading and mutual funds if you like. 

Secure Platform

The app is designed with advanced IT engineering resources and modern cybersecurity features such as fingerprint access control, device ID authentication, Two-factor Authentication, and OTPs.

Contact your Relationship Manager

The app gives you access to the relevant contact information of your Relationship Manager and automatically updates if a new Relationship Manager has been assigned. 

Our Customer Service team will be glad to attend to all equiries to through any of our channels below:

Click here to go to Cordros CAPE.

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